Antidetection browser for

Manage an unlimited number of accounts in virtual browser profiles

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Application Advantages

Provides a high level of anonymity on the Internet and helps avoid blocking and detection on websites.


Work with thousands of separated browser profiles using a single device. Each profile will be identified as a unique user for Internet platforms and social networks.

Support for browser extensions

Meet the new Chromium-based Undetected browser core with the ability to install extensions. Support for devtools and other standard Chrome tools (automatic page, etc.).

Fingerprint substitution and working with cookies

Configuration – its a dataset collected from real browsers and devices. You can create a browser profile by choosing in the program a specific configuration.

Working with proxy

You can use and save for reuse in multiple Socks5 profiles, HTTP/HTTPS proxies.Antidetect supports any third-party software for working with VPN and Proxy.

Mass creation and cookie bot

Create hundreds of unique profiles in a couple of clicks using configurations or your own data (Cookies, Proxies, User-Agents, Notes). Test the cookie bot, it will visit the most popular sites in the selected countries, warming up the necessary profiles.

Automation and API

Limitless possibilities and getting rid of routine work? You will be able to connect various automation tools such as Puppeteer and Playwright!

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  • Peronalized onboarding
  • Access to all features

Unique technologies

3 ways to store profiles

Locally on your device, in the cloud, or on your own server. Eliminate the risks associated with the security of third-party storage, especially when it comes to accounts and crypto-wallets.

Unlimited local profiles

On any paid tariff, starting from $49. Since they are stored on your device, you do not waste time syncing with servers, getting high fault tolerance in operation.

In-depth access settings for teamwork

Create your own roles with more than 33 rights settings. Divide cloud profiles into groups for account management according to the team structure. View profile logs.


One solution for all directions


Multi-accounting for SMM

In the case of social networks, multi-accounting gives a wide variety of promotion options. It includes not only the accounts themselves.


Traffic Arbitrage

Manage targeted and context ads without fearing mass blocking. Antidetect will allow to manage many accounts in the field of traffic arbitrage.


Bounty & Airdrop

Mass participation in tokenseals and launchpads is now available with Antidetect. Reliable multi-accounting for Web 3.0 resources.


E-commerce and dropshipping

Optimize agency processes to work efficiently and safely with client accounts. Build a hierarchy of accesses in accordance with the structure of the team. Forget the client password transfer


Online betting

Bookmakers and casinos do not let you make money by lowering the maximum bet or blocking accounts? The middle is yours alone! Win as much as is not profitable for platforms.


Ticket resale

Buy tickets for shows and sporting events when the sales are launched. Protect 1000 of accounts from banning. Use Antidetect - a reliable protection against suspicions of anti-fraud systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Antidetect?
Register and confirm your Email. After registration, you will be taken to the payment cabinet and will be able to choose the required tariff. By default, Free is activated for you. Download Antidetect, log in and create your first browser profile. Read more in our help center.
Can I simulate a user from a mobile device?
With Antidetect, you can create browsers with configurations from Android and iOS, and web-sites will think that you are working from mobile devices.
What are browser configurations?
This is a set of data collected based on real browsers and devices. If you select a certain configuration in the program when creating a browser profile, all fingerprints of your system will be replaced with fingerprints from the configuration.
What is the difference between a cloud profile and a local one?
The local profile is stored directly on your device and is unlimited on any tariff starting from “Base”. Cloud profiles are stored on Antidetect servers, or on your private servers, which allows you to access them from different devices and use them in teamwork.
Can I use the purchased license on different devices?
Yes, and besides, you can run the Antidetect license simultaneously on several devices, according to the number of users (sessions) in the selected tariff plan. If only 1 user is available to you, shut down on one device and log in on the other. For convenient work with multiple devices, we recommend using cloud profiles, so your accounts will be available on any PC after authorization.